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Frequently Asked Questions

The cats at Brews and Mews Cat Cafe have questions. So we have called our friends at Catwalader, Whiskersham, & Meowsenhaus Paw firm. They sent in their expert purralegal, Sir Purr, to handle these inquires.

We won't be getting any outside cat visitors, right?

Absolutely not!! Brews and Mews Cat Cafe is an exclusive members-only gated community. We can't just let any old cat off the street come in...esp dogs.

How many humans can come into our room at once?

10 humans (ages 7 and up) can come in during NORMAL business hours and play with you, the cats. Humans ages 16 and up do not require adult supervision but will need their waiver signed by a parent or guardian before entering. 

But what if someone in their litter is 6 or under?!

Not to worry, Brews and Mews Cafe has set aside a "happy meow-er" every Saturday morning, Tuesday evening, and Thursday evening just for those families who have humans 6 and under. These 30 min sessions cost $8 per person and will allow families with young children a more intimate and controlled setting to enjoy the company of you, the cats.

Will there be liability paperwork for the humans to fill out? I'm from the streets and not tryin to catch a charge!!

Yes!! we at Catwalader, Whiskersham, & Meowsenhaus took everyone's safety and rights into consideration. There will be a waiver the humans will fill out EVERY TIME they visit. A young human under 18 will need the attending parent or guardian to sign for them. This waiver can be filled out at the time of online booking or can be done in person. Each cat also signs a contract to be fully vetted and in good health before they are allowed to maintain their residence at Brews and Mews Cat Cafe. Lastly, BOTH parties agree that any and all photos taken by Brews and Mews staff can be published on social media outlets, regardless of if they capture your "good side" or not.

Do the humans just walk into our room? what about our privacy?!

The humans make their reservations either online or in-person and will be allowed to enter at their reserved time slot.

What do I do once they are in the room? I don't want it to be awkward?

You do what cats normally do! You can sleep and let the humans gently pet you or if you feel adventurous you can come up and rub on their legs for attention and head scratches, If a human is laying or sitting on the floor you can even climb in their laps for cuddles, but under NO circumstances are the humans allowed to pick you up.

What happens if a human can't follow the rules?!  Am I allowed to protect myself?

We understand and fully support your right to bear murder mittens if you are placed in a situation where you feel threatened or afraid. All humans will be given a speech regarding the rules BEFORE they are allowed to enter. If any human (regardless of age) can not follow the rules given at the time of entry, they will then forfeit their time in the room and will NOT be given a refund.

Will you be telling the public how the wonderful humans at the rescue saved us from certain death?

Yes, Brews and Mews will fulfill their legal and contractual obligation to tell them about Fur Babies Rescue and how the humans with the rescue are making a difference in the community in which we all live. By adopting cats residing at Brews and Mews, donating money directly to the rescue, or purchasing items from our Amazon wishlist the patrons of Brews and Mews Cat Cafe will help to make a difference as well.

What happens if someone needs assistance in helping a stray or abandoned kitten they just found?!

Brews and Mews Cat Cafe has signed a purr-nup agreeing that they will provide information about our rescue partners to help place a wayward cat. All of the cats at Brews and Mews must come through the rescue to ensure they are properly vetted and spayed/neutered (if old enough) before entering our exclusive gated community.