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Our Story

Calling all feline fanatics with caffeine cravings!

Brews and Mews welcomes you to the first cat café in Western North Carolina.

It all started with a tiny kitten named Kitty Beans.

Being only 5 days old, Kitty Beans needed round-the-clock care to survive. We provided her with food, shelter, warmth, and love. I never knew how much time and effort was involved in taking care of a kitten… Little did I know, this special little feline would spark the idea for a coffee shop, which is now known as “Brews and Mews.”

We are very passionate about the “3 C’s”: Coffee, Cats, and Community. We have partnered with local animal shelters, providing foster care to kittens and adult cats. We also offer volunteer services for those who are looking for a unique and fun volunteering experience. At Brews and Mews, our ultimate goal is the adoption of as many “fur babies” as possible, and why not make the adoption process more interesting by adding tasty beverages and delicious treats?

Come for the coffee. Leave with a cat.

How does it work?